North Pole Breakfast

Today was our annual North Pole breakfast..(we are on year 3!!) I was kinda afraid it would not happen with a slight scare of my water breaking last night (with #5) but lucky for it is was just a scare:)

Joel and I prepped the table last night and got everything ready for this morning… 10885351_10152968167454626_7742897964824412650_n 10885453_10152968167639626_546575882552603270_n

North Pole breakfast means different things to different families.. for us it is all things ‘christmasy’ santa, reindeers, snowman, those sort of things. We do it on Christmas eve and it is a great start to a day full of fun!! This year it wasn’t decorated like i wanted it to be.. but the kids loved it non the same!

A few days ago Levi and I went on a date and through chatting with him, he mentioned his favorite christmas memory is this the North Pole Breakfast!:)

The family!

The family! Lydia didn’t understand why we were all looking this way.. it was kinda funny!

Breakfast includes, pancakes, bacon, orange juice, hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer, snowman donuts, and a banana/strawberry candy cane:)

The boys anxious to start!

The kids anxious to start!

The kids get one gift, its the one in the boxes.. I look throughout the year trying to find the perfect ornament that describes them that year… and then before we eat they get to open it and put it on the tree.. its neat to see them SOO excited!

we always do girls first

we always do girls first

I LOOKED AND LOOKED for a Mary Poppins ornament. NON To be found (and my mom finally found one so YES she will get one for this year!!) So Selah ended up with a princess Balleria! She loves all things dance and princess!!

'crazy hair soccer player'

‘crazy hair soccer player’

Thank you etsy!! Judah’s was a pewter ornament with a boy playing soccer. I loved it cause of the boys hair.. and the first things he mentioned was ‘i love his spiky-crazy hair:)


This boy LOVEs all things Christmas.. he kinda reminds me of me!


Levi’s ornament! He has really grasp the art of reading this year and will read EVERYTHING. SO this ornament depicts his new skill and his love for lego’s! Again THANK YOU ETSY!

Gotta put them on the tree!!

Gotta put them on the tree!!

After Breakfast we play a few games.. Christmas bingo and ‘jack frost not lost’. Its nice to seat around the table at the end of a busy season  and just laugh and have down time!!! I LOVE LOVE this time of year and all that it involves!!

~sooo do you do any fun activities?!?!




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