life is short….

Wow.. this morning was a whirl wind of emotions… we started school with a bang.. like emotions full blow and all.. Oldest was crying cause he did math wrong and as i walked him through his error he lost it.. crying and going all snot face on me.. well we had to have a break from each other so i didn’t lose it.. then i get a text..

Now this text made me think. Then I put the last 6 months in my mind.. Lots has happened to those in our circle..

*one of Judah’s sweet friends was diagnosed with cancer… she is 4

*I had some rocky moments where i let my emotions run wild

*A friends husband found out his brain tumor was back

*My childhood pastor had an illness that could not be operated on

* and then today…. Friends of ours lost their bother, sister-n-law and niece.. IN ONE MINUTE.

Like in a blink of an eye… these things all changed our life.

As I was working with Levi and we were being all emotional.. I thought about a little girl who normally goes to clinic on Mondays to get cemo, and each family who wakes up with some sort of illness, and THEN this dear family who’s relatives were fine. All expect the plane landed wrong and that was it. Gone.

Life is short.. too short.. as moms we say this all the time.. but what does that mean?!? Does that mean we cant stress over the things that bother us, or complain? No it means we need to make it count. I sat down next to Levi and said.. why are you crying.. he said ’cause i don’t want to redo all this.’ I simply shared that his dear friend was mourning the loss of her uncle, aunt and cousin… that was worth crying and going all snot faced about.. his math on the other hand was not… He looked at me and simply said.. I love you mommy..


Our life/days are numbered.. not really what we want to hear but its true.. we only have x amount of time. Love on your littles, love your elders, love.. extend grace (EEK this one is for me). Who knows when something normal or everyday will cause it all to change.. JUST LIKE THAT.

*just my heart today:/





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