Bringing back – Meal planning!!

***UPDATED with my thoughts on the new recipes****

As I was talking to a dear friend, who blogs over at From which fills the heart the other day she said she LOVED it when I posted about our meals, and how I cook for  my crew! SO I thought.. why not try to bring it back?!? Here it goes! I shop every two weeks and normally two stores.. Walmart for EVERYTHING expect meat which I purchase at Publixs .. My normal budget is 150$ but this week I blew it and spent $240. And Yes i have to take all my kids to the store with me so this is a glimpse of us!!! haha

Oldest pushing the goods, and i have the 2 littles in the cart i am pushing.. Yes we are sight to be seen.. not to mention my GROWING tummy!

Oldest pushing the goods, and i have the 3 littles in the cart i am pushing.. Yes we are sight to be seen.. not to mention my GROWING tummy!

Oct 15-29th

Most of them have recipes if you click the name!


  1. Taco’s
  2. Hashbrown casserole-small group
  3. Chicken Gravy/biscuits
  4. Lasagna casserole
  5. subs
  6. tamale pie  ***family favorite!
  7. potato kielbasa **new recipe this was a huge hit! although we didn’t use the mustard.. didn’t have any
  8. BLT’s , cut up apples
  9.  chicken noodle casserole w/ sweet peas **new recipe  Very good but to hard to replace the dairy will not make again
  10. Roast beef, mashed potatoes & asparagus
  11. Chicken pot-pies
  12. ham & bean soup “ w/cornbread   **new recipe Good and really easy.. the kids loved it but Joel wasn’t a fan
  13. crockpot corn & potato chowder ***new recipe  didn’t make it yet

Snacks/things to make

  1. cinnamon coffee cake :
  2. homemade refried beans **to try!:)
  3. pumpkin muffins
  4. brownie bags
  5. cook a whole chicken

SOOO what are you cooking????


7 thoughts on “Bringing back – Meal planning!!

  1. I like this post it gives me some new ideas, been looking for some! Also do you usually stick to about $300 a month on food? Just wondering because we spend at least $600 a month and that’s on meals and food I cook daily not including if we decide to eat out as a family, we try to once a week. Anyway any savings ideas I’d love to hear;)

    • Hey Lady! Yes our goal is $300. I make a lot of our own stuff.. very little ‘convenience food’. i.e.. brownies i make our own from scratch, cream of chicken soup – from scratch… that helps save on $$. Bread, i make our own 50% of the time. We only eat out 1 time for lunch and 1 dinner per week and yes that is not included (but equals about $50 a week). We do cereal EVERY morning and either sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. Dinners are always cooked homemade. Not sure they helps with keeping the cost down but that helps us:) plus i try to freeze stuff for a few freezer meals .. 🙂

    • Coupon was my life for many years.. but i just fell off the band wagon.. so instead i just budget and have to stick to my list when i walk into the store.. having a list and know what i am going to cook each night REALLY helps me with ‘last minute’ runs to the store or lets eat out:) Hope they work for you **i do edit a bunch of the above for my dairy free/nut free/dye free family but the concept is the same!:)

  2. Okay I could see that. Do you have a bread maker or just mixer? I’ve never made my own bread from scratch but would love to, just don’t know how. I love Chaya’s bread and so does my family, that’s the only time they like wheat! Also could you put some of your homemade recipes up, like for the bread and cream of chicken soup, maybe even brownies? I’d love to try and do it homemade, my girls are learning too and are always looking for new recipes. I try to stay away from junk food, but my hubby has to have his snacks. Also my kids are ALWAYS hungry!! They snack on lots of fruit, yogurt, peanut butter, fresh veggies and so on, which are NOT cheap. I think I’m going to start writing down each meal like you do and going with that list every 2 weeks and actually making it into a calendar for that month of food, so there’s no guessing.

    • My brownie recipe is above in the ‘snack’ section.. i try to make a few portions at a time (we double the recipe for one dessert) and keep them in ziplocs ready for the ‘wet’ ingretiance.. so i never have the excuse. But yes i would love to do a post on the ‘homemade’ stuff!:) I am minimal compared to so many others.. but i do try!! My kids snack on apples, bananas, and carrots A BUNCH! We don’t do dairy for them or any nuts.. so they eliminates a bunch of those kinds of purchases. for example for a morning snack they will have cranberries and pretzels. For an afternoon snack they will eat either a banana or apple with some kind of cracker 🙂 hope that helps!

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