SOOO yesterday…..

As with every day my kids get up before the sun does..(or really they greet each other with a hello at the SAME TIME!) But I have known that now for years *at least since our oldest has been out of a crib..-say 5 years. Shower, breakfast, then start school. Seems normal enough right?!? Well I have been off.. not for ANY real reason but just more weepy or needy in the morning. And when the kids NEED me, its just a bit to much.

So school started, and then Taco hit sister in the head, sister broke brothers *3 days long* lego building, Chickadee cried – unusually, and then Brother couldn’t figure out a 9 from a upside down p or backwards d (in his handwriting book that he was SURE the publisher typed wrong). Mind you it was only 10:30.

I sent up a quick prayer and then sent Joel a texted saying ‘PRAY FOR ME’. After a brief (text brief)  Superman simply said… “take it easy on them. they just want you to love them like you love me. With my flaws and all…..”

HIT BETWEEN the eyes. Of course i love my kids. They are my world, Joel included. But sometimes i loose sight they are just kids and want ME to show that unconditional love to them. Just as i want God to show me when i mess up, he always is there to love me and bring gentle correction. I then went straight to each child and loved on them and apologized. And they each said.. its ok mom i know you love me no matter what. WHEW good thing cause I messed up.. thank the Lord for GRACE.

Remember Grace is not for kids alone..but us parents too… remember God’s grace is enough!!!!!

*here is a few pictures of our day that went a bit more smoothly!! 🙂

sweet sis doing an extra chore to earn $$ for disney!


Gretal showed up at school today:)


history work


my big helper!

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