Homemade Formula!!

About 2 months ago i posted about how I was no longer able to nurse our sweet chickadee….After trying formula from the store for 2 weeks I decided to try homemade formula..

  • yes i did my research.. *TONS OF IT
  • yes she is doing fine with it
  • yes it takes a few extra minutes every 2 days *7 minutes to be exact
  • yes my husband and i agree this is the best for our baby

With lots of nay-sayers our baby girl is thriving on it and loves it to.. she gobbles it down every feeding! Many friends and family had some questions. So i thought i would answer them here. The biggest question has been cost.. is it cheaper. I honestly DIDNT choice this route because it was cheaper..instead cause i know what i was putting in her body. So at first it seemed silly to even answer this… but now after 4 weeks i think i can gave an estimate on the cost.

  • first time out of pocket cost $128 (shipping is INCLUDED in this total)

this contains this picture…. (not pictured is 4 more bags of lactose)


As of today (4 weeks out) i have not had to purchase anything else.. And i have still well over 1/2 and some 3/4’s full containers. I do estimate having to replace my coconut oil and lactose soon but i think i still have 2.5 weeks.

SO $128 for 6.5 weeks

I DO have to purchase a gallon of raw milk which is $7.00 and I make my own whey $1.25 each week.


128/6.5 = $19.70

milk & whey= 8.25

total per week= 27.95

NOW please understand the oils and yeast will more than likely last me longer than 6.5 weeks… i am just guess-estmating 🙂

SOO my weekly breakdown is NOT cheaper than the brand i bought for 2 weeks at target ($25.00).. But for me its a peace of mind that she is getting ingredients i have heard of and know about:)


I do a double batch every 2.5 days… it looks like this:)

Now for the con’s to this homemade version.. i NEVER thought about:

  • raw milk has to stay COLD.. until drank. SO I pack it with ice packs and in a cooler. *Summer heat makes it a challenge
  • plastic bottles take FOREVER to warm up from freezing to room temp
  • middle of the night feedings were a nightmare UNTIL i figured out ‘drop-in insert’. Yes they are plastic but they warm QUICK!:)
  • Traveling when you don’t have running hot water to make it warm or even kinda warm…
  • homemade formula spit up.. STINKS like rotten cheese.. its BAD!

Hanging out at Downtown Disney with a hungry baby.. Thank goodness starbucks gave me Free Boiling H20!! 🙂 *although walking around with a HOT cup of water in 100 degree temps isn’t my kind of ‘fun’

EVEN with all the con’s Superman and I are still Glad we made the switch and the prep is part of my bi-daily routine so its no big deal! Would love to answer any questions!!

***UPDATE- the total cost above is a bit over priced.. it took longer to go through most of the supplies.. i would say the cost was about 1/2 estimated so more like $13 a week…:)


recipe for homemade formula: Raw milk Formula

fact sheet on nutrition:  fact chart

where i buy 95% of my supplies : Iherb.com

One thought on “Homemade Formula!!

  1. I’m super glad you posted this! I wanted to do this when Vivian was a baby, but only became enlightened to the dangers of commercial formula about the time she was done with the bottle. While I have every hope for a long and successful nursing time with this baby, I’m now more sure that I do want all the ingredients on hand for times that may call for an emergency non-breastmilk bottle. It could happen and I don’t want to be caught off guard. I know so much more now about healthier living, so thankfully we have some of these ingredients already on hand … including raw grassfed milk … which makes me feel like we’re in the right direction!

    Also, I can’t believe you had family (not me!) or friends who were naysayers about this decision to make homemade formula. It’s like, would the naysayers question you if you fed your big kids only commercial, poor quality, pre-made foods at every meal? Here, kids … Kraft Mac and Cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and both snacks! Enjoy! Haha! (People put way too much trust in commercial food products! Just saying!)

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