Our gummy bear….

Today I went for my first appointment with #5! It was a long road due to insurance and doctors.. but none the less I went today. I felt pretty sure i knew the due date and ABOUT the age of my baby .. around 13.5 weeks due about Jan 2, 2015. I record my monthly friend so I kinda knew. BUT what I didn’t take into account was that I am post baby only 7 months and things get tricky with all that:) SOOO today we got to see our little baby..

baby #5

We are actually only 10 weeks and 5 days.. and our due date is Jan 24th, 2015 (3 days shy of my 32 birthday)!!! I am so excited that christmas will not be up in the air this year as it was last year due to Our Miss Chickadee’s arrival. We will be able to celebrate and then pack it up and then gear up for sweet #5!!

When i walked in the house with the pictures I got the best responses EVER!

Joel- looks like a gummy bear

Levi- is there two?!?!? (NOPE just one:)

Judah- is it a boy or girl?

Selah- I want -pointing to the top- that one!:)

I am beyond thrilled! As of today baby is super healthy and right on target! And momma is doing great! (besides ALREADY showing!!!) 🙂

Looking forward to the next 29 weeks and 3 days!


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