salt life….

tan, beach, sand, ocean, ron jons, sheet metal, gardens, perfect lawn, saturday newspaper, folgers coffee, skate boarding, cartwheel with one hand, history shows, Native Floridian /orlandoian, occasional artist, Disney lover, father of 6, pops to 4. 

All these describe the man i lived with for 22 years… One of my favorite memories is after a long day working in the yard, trimming the BIG hedge, he said.. “jess wanna ride our bikes to the gas station and get a slurpee”? YES!!!!!!!! So just him and i went on a bike ride up the road to get a drink!

Although there are many things i can say about my Dad.. one i think that sticks out the most …is he worked HARD for our family! HE loved us and showed in his dedication to providing for us. Yearly Trips to disney and multiple weekends at the beach.. we learned so much about outdoor life from him.

Thank you for fixing all things that were broken and giving us children a understand of what we may want in a a husband/ father of our children.

Love you Dad!!!

Happy Fathers day!:)



At disney when i was about 3

At disney when i was about 3

when i was about 14

when i was about 14



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