mary poppins, cfa, my girl

About a month ago I was told by a sweet friend her daughters were having their ballet recital at the end of May.. and the theme was Mary Poppins. I knew at that moment my Selah and I were going on a date! Her first, my first with her! Superman and I like to date our children. We let them choice the event, food and its just us two (expect if there is a nursing wee one) for the entire evening.

Every day since May 2 the moment I walked in her room in the morning, she would say.. “ballet day”. She as sooo excited! She picked our her ‘twirl’ which consist of a very large purple tutu and a big purple flower. This morning at our playdate she proudly stated today was our date and she was going to see the ballet and the girls twirl with Mary Poppins.

5:15 came and we were ready to go….On our first date!

dressed and ready to go!

dressed and ready to go!

Off to Chick Fila, her favorite and pick for our special night. She was able to order and get anything she wanted….

Kids meal, nuggets, fruit, and Lemonade (huge special treat!!).

IMG_20140529_173512_399Poor girl couldn’t even eat her meal she was so excited, blueberries and strawberries were eaten… all else came home. After a quick clean up we loaded up in the van and headed out to the MAIN event.

my girl and her twirl

my girl and her twirl

As we were driving she talked the whole way (something that doesn’t happen when her older brothers are in the van).. one of my favorite quotes of the night.. ‘mom is that car in front of us going to the ballet?” Love her sweet mind and her excitement.. seeing her joy fills my heart!.

in true mary poppins fashion

in true mary poppins fashion

Once we arrived {there was standing room only}  We grabbed a seat and she stood on my lap THE ENTIRE TIME.. and we were able to ENJOY every minute of our sweet friends as they danced to the different favorites of Mary Poppins… Both of the sweet girls we knew did amazing and we are so proud of them.

her view!

her view!

As it came to an end.. she said {multiple times} see again see again.. uh- full heart! I asked if we could take a picture with ‘Mary Poppins’ OH MY WORD her smile was sooooo huge…..

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

my sweet girls hero.. not princess but mary poppins

on our way home we got a special treat.. she ate 3 bits…


As we were driving home she said “mom i love you to the stars and round it’.. Yes baby i love you too.. I do believe my ‘bucket’ is full to the brim sweet girl. Seeing your excitement and joy over a simple night out. Not only was it amazing and perfect {in every way} you are too my sweet girl! Thank you for this special memory and I pray for MANY more! love you baby girl!



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