the cup on the fridge…

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having a bunch of our family drive from various parts of Florida and Georgia.. to be here as we dedicated our youngest and our oldest got baptized.. As i walked around my house tidying it up after most of the family had gone to thier hotel or campers, I looked up on the refrigerator and knew they would be back….

A simple clear cup sat on top of the refrigerator. Empty but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be there if Pawpaw is there.. as i looked up i was reasured that not only will they be back tomorrow but that he was there TODAY… And as i thought about that clear cup a few other things came to mind.. 3 boxes of animal crackers (the traditional in the box with the rope), a ‘jonny and the bear’ story all represented something… My children’s great-grand parents were in the house:)

Now not all of them could attend due to different situations but THIS time, is when it hit me.. HOW fortunate are we to have all but 1 GREAT grandparent living?!!?

Although the weekend flew by and i didn’t get to cherish as many moments as i wish i could have.. here is a snapshot of 3 days with the Greats looked like..

IMG_20140508_175731_652 IMG_20140508_191044_202 IMG_20140512_112720_807IMG_20140508_191029_538IMG_1776 IMG_1779



Now that they all have left, and we now depend on phone calls, texts and Facebook… i realize that although some think those things are horrible i see them as an advantage for my children. They are able to be hundreds of miles away from some of the most amazing people ever (AKA our grandparents) but still ‘see’ them. My Grandma routinely brings animal crackers for my children.. AND on top of that we get to have her stay in our home.. those extra moments are like a gold mine to us.. the early mornings .. the light nights.. priceless. Joel’s grandma comes in and transforms my humble kitchen into a bakery within SECONDS.. then takes a breather to tell the kids a ‘story my teacher told me’ ***PLEASE note this story is HIGHLY likely to change at a moments notice:)* Pawpaw although quiet is amazing.. he on a simple request cleans any dirty dishes, cuts up a chicken and then updates us all on the internet world. Truly amazing people and a generation we are blessed to peek into each time they step foot into our home.

Not sure when the next time they will be here but I do know that i will hold these past moments close to my heart.. thank you Pawpaw for reminding me you were HERE today by placing your cup on my refrigerator.. (he does this so we will not ‘wash’ it over and over) .. and i am so grateful!!

Love you each SOO MUCH!

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