‘just like jesus’

A few months ago my sweet eldest boy started asking questions about being baptized. The questions got really deep on day in the van.. as we chatted he mentioned he wanted to get baptized.. I WAS SPEECHLESS… I mean i was baptized at 7 and fully believed the commitment i was making and was so eager i could not wait. I had to attend a little class with the pastor to make sure i understand what it meant.. but looking back i see it as a HUGE day in my life!

So when my Son wanted to do it.. i was thrilled! We chatted a few more times about it and then talked with Superman! We felt he was ready! So we found out the next baptismal and began ‘getting ready’. He was very set on FAMILY being here.. so we planned it around Chickadee’s dedication. **due to  MOST of the family coming up for that we could squeeze in another celebration no problem!!

I created the Invites, he approved them, they were sent..

created by me

created by me

We was thrilled…. The sunday came and he was not nervous a bit.. We, as his parents had talked to him about it a TON.. read him stories int eh bible about it and showed him videos of it begin done.. As we were lined up in the back of the church.. I asked him “are you nervous” (CAUSE man i was about to pee myself i was so excited/nervous) His response was simple “no why?”! MM i don’t know why.. for him the discion to be baptized was simple.. if jesus did it, i should. He was right on.. no need to be nervous!

IMG_20140511_094102_642 IMG_20140511_094111_559

His parents, all his siblings, 3 great grand parents, 1 grandparent, 1 aunt were able to to be there to see Levi make this bold act in his faith walk! As we walked out of the service, i leaned down and said lets take a picture.. And he simply said “i am like jesus now mom!” Yes my dear you are, you strive to honor him all he will make your ways right!!IMG_20140511_094355_190SOO proud of you MY first born son!

we are so proud of you!

we are so proud of you!

mommy loves you!

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