midnight mommyhood…

At 10:30 today I was driving and turned the radio off (VERY RARE for me). And thought about how much had happened in a short time.. and HOW grateful I am for two things..

  1. I live in a ‘first world’
  2. modern conveniences ie.. water and electricity

today started A LOT earlier than i had envisioned… after cutting fabric for Selah’s mothers day dress.. i went to bed around 12:00.. only to be woken at 3:00, with Sweet Selah crying my name.. very unusual so I ran in there.. quietly calmed her down (I MEAN Lydia is RIGHT there.. cant have them both waking up).. and prayed for her .. Went back to bed.. Not sure i fell asleep but i KNOW i woke up .. to her again crying at 3:30.. walked into the girls room to smell.. “sick”! You know the smell.. where you instantly know someone got ‘sick’ everywhere.. So i quickly got her and ran to my bathroom (for two reasons..

  1. i didnt want to wake up lydia
  2. i didnt want her to puke again..

Well after a nice bath and clean sheets, and pj’s.. i laid her down and went back down.. only to jump up again.. and hit REPEAT..

after cozing down a 3rd time.. Lydia figured she need to join the all night party and woke up to eat.. As i sat on the couch.. nursing .. i hear Selah crying and getting sick AGAIN… well i was useless.. so i call joel to help.. HE had just waked in from working a mere 3 hours before so he was DOG TIRED. Nicely got up and began the process for the 4th time..

AND a tip from him.. flashlights work great when trying to find sick.. (DUH why didn’t i think of that?!?!).

after all were settled and back in bed.. it was 7:30 and two little boys (WHO didn’t hear all the adventures from the night) woke up ready to go…  Well I lost my happy heart somewhere between 3:00 and 7:30 and I wasn’t to nice:(

after a shower and getting everyone ready for their dress rehearsal for their performance tonight.. Lydia had a 7 day coming EXPLOSION.. like poop EVERYWHERE.. Bath #3  happened..
PS we are on load like 15 with the washer…

I was bummed.. MY plan was to get up, go to walmart and gather food for the family.. start working Levi’s party and have the house in order before the sun came up.. but instead I was mad and upset.. My heart was not happy and pouted.. So thankful Joel was able to help!

It wasnt until the car ride that i realized.. I am blessed.. Joel offered to drive the Van to allow me a few minutes of breathing room, (i drove his car).. which allowed me to sit in total quiet and reflect. Then the song ‘everything you do, do to the one that made you’ BAM.

I was too busy being grumpy and forgot I live in America where medicine and clean water can fix anything..And that i have a Savior who loves me on the grumpy days and will See me through this….

SO as I faced 11:00 today (although still working on my happy heart) I let the fact of true blessing sink in….



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