baby # what?!?!

Well, this post has been a long time coming.. and just to be fair.. this is my experience and something i feel like sharing. Not all agree but this is my ‘story’ and my blog.. so here it goes.. Brace yourself! 🙂

On Dec 4th, 2013 we gave birth to our 4th blessing.. We have been married for 9 years come may 7th and have 4 kids six and under (as of today:) . Over the past years Joel and I have gotten may different responses to our family. Most of them started out like this…Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 1.52.34 PM

(COME ON how true is this..??) And just like the picture says.. ALL of this has happened to us (well we aren’t on #5 yet…). What pushed me to write this post is because the other day in the post office I had all 4 kiddo’s with me.. and might i brag being WELL behaved.. all standing around my legs like little chickens (trust me this is rare!) But the lady at the counter next to me.. went off to the teller (which was RIGHT next to me) my cat has less babies than her… does she know what causes it? THAT is why I stopped at 3, and on and on…… At first i laughed.. was she really talking about me in front of me?!?! Well the teller is my friend and simply said “what?? are you talking about her..{pointing to me}? Her kids are great, and its not really your business.!” When the said lady left… the teller apologized to me, and even though i know her stand is to only have 2 kids (which she has and is super happy about) she never once has put me or my kids down. And watching her stand up for me, was pricesless!

what we look like on any give day at the post office!

what we look like on any give day at the post office!

Since I was little i dreamed of a large family.. to me that was lots of kids. Not knowing if i could have them myself or not but i have friends that can attest that i dreamed of adopting a LONG time ago. So to some me with 4 kids is no shock. But for some reason to SOME it is a huge shock. A little history.. i am the oldest of 6 kids, Superman is the youngest of 2… When we set out on the journey of marriage we agreed (just as most family do) on how we wanted our family to unfold.. for some that is birth control, for some that is wide open, for some it is a few and then no more, it looks different for each family. For us.. (and ill say it again FOR US) we felt a peace about being cautious and leaving it up to God.  Something Superman and I both agreed on. We have decided to let God handle how many children we have.. and we know because we give him full power over our fiancees, salvation, destiny, jobs, why would we stop short and not give him full power over this area. NOW this is our choice not everyones. I know there is a ‘full quiver’ movement going on.. we are not apart of that.. this is something we feel for our family.

Some may say.. that YOU SHOUL D BE DONE.. (trust me we have heard this from both family and friends).  May I add that those are very hurtful comments.. Many post about how they struggle with not being able to have children, and things that are hurtful.. Well this is very hurtful to those who have children. Constantly saying “they better be done”, “OOH they are done..I hope”. But I cant find that in the bible and honestly what we do in this area is between a husband and a wife. Not family or friends. I love being a mom, what if the next president or doctor is to be out #5 or #8 (not sure ill make it that far:) haha!! God has a plan and we have to trust.

what i asked for, for mothers day!:)

what i asked for, for mothers day!:)

No matter if we have 1 child or 10 .. the real question is are we pointing them to God, are we investing in them, at the end of the day are we praying over them and seeking wisdom to point them in God’s loving ways??? I read an excerpt from this book once that said this…

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 8.28.47 PM Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 8.28.57 PM

I share this post only to ask you to peek inside my world and realize we are doing what we feel called to do. Please don’t judge us as we will not judge you!

Now on to more FUN posts:)



PS: NOT an announcement!:)

9 thoughts on “baby # what?!?!

  1. You’re right, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether a couple has none, or lots of kids. The only thing others should worry and be concerned about is if the child(ren) are being loved and looked after. A few generations ago it was common for big families, now it’s common for small families, but we shouldn’t criticise someone else’s decision on what they feel is the right size for their family.

  2. Honey child…. I have adopted two and was never able to have any biologically (am perfectly happy with the two I have and don’t intend to have any more) but I can tell you that I think your family is PRECIOUS and think that each and every one is a blessing, blessing, blessing!! I still get very EXCITED when I hear someone is having a baby. What an honor, what a gift !! God bless your family and your unselfishness !! By the way…. I have a friend who has four and just found out that she is pregnant with TWINS. 🙂

    • thank you so much Mrs Kim! Your two babies are soo beautiful and its been fun watching them grow! But to be honest i have had SEVERAL dreams that we were having twins:) we will have to see!

  3. I applaud you! I always get the opposite reaction. I have a one and only, precious little bundle who is 10 years old this year. Having more wasn’t an option, but people asked me all the time when I planned to have more. AND few people hold back on their opinions of “onlies.” I promise, they are not all self-centered, whiny, fragile children. As I’m sure yours don’t act like they are being raised by wolves…in a barn. 😉 I have a shining example that only children can be gracious, giving, followers of Christ!

  4. Absolutely LOVE your post! I completely agree, it feels good to read and know that there’s someone else out there that understands my heart. We are blessed, babies are amazing blessings not burdens. I’m truly grateful for my family.

  5. I love your blog. You have a beautiful family. And what wonderful parents you are! I had a friend who had 7 children, someone asked her how she divided her love between them. She responded, it doesnt divide, it multiplies.
    Seriously, you made me remember all those wonderful years raising my children. You even made me want another one. Maybe soon♡♡♡

  6. I have four children too. And I do get the looks some days. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I too came from six. I was the third and out of the six, three of us have four each. Two have two and one hasn’t started yet. It is so fun to get all the cousins together every year. Your kiddos are beautiful.

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