A year ALREADY?!

Today marks the end of the school year for us. Brother completed 1st grade and Taco K-3. I take first day of school pictures, so lets take a quick look back..






DSC04800Through the year we have had lots of up and downs.. a few “I WANT TO QUIT” moments {FROM mommy}. A lesson on being grateful they only have 1.5 hours of school and then play time. But then there are the moments I love, such as my oldest cuddling with me EVERY afternoon to read to me from his reader. Or my Judah who loves to do puzzles (all kinds) and show me his finished product, and then sister who brings ‘baby sassea’ to school EVERY day… Having them with me all the time is not always easy..

TRUST me we have quit school in mid day to go out to play due to attitudes being foul or mommy having a hard time with a little one. But I would not change one bit of this school year! I am excited and nervous about 2nd grade due to adding more subjects.. but I cant wait.. So grateful to be able to teach my children everyday!!! A few pictures from the year…

DSC04916 DSC04927 DSC04931 DSC05018 DSC05022

So as we close today I took a picture.. Our last day of 1st grade and K3…..

DSC06789 DSC06790

We used a mixture of curriculum this year..

1st grade:

Horizon Math & phonics

Weaver Bible & Science

Wrote my own Spelling & Calendar time


Letter Of the week program : A-Z

wrote my own calendar time

Bible weaver




One thought on “A year ALREADY?!

  1. Looks great! I think everyone has a want to quit moment. I definitly did! 2nd grade was a blast! I am still trying to deal with the fact I will be teaching 3rd and 2nd this fall!

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