Get in the picture!

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of working with Michele from Everything Lovely Photography. LET me tell you! SOO MUCH FUN!

We headed there at 9:30 and the care and attention was amazing. (NOT TO MENTION my kids were obedient!) Michele, the visionary artist


behind the pictures did amazing, and was super kind. She captured my sweet ‘Sister’, ‘Chickadee’ and then did a group one of the 3 of us! WOW.


Is an understatement.. she went WAY above and Beyond .. I cant wait to get these on my walls! something i will treasure THE rest of my life!

One things I realize is that as a women in her 30’s (yes barely but i am there) and who has 4 kids.. sometimes its hard to go get pictures done or made because we arent ‘the right size’. Or we arent pre-baby yet. I read an article once (OR RATHER superman sent it to me to read) that said.. When we are old and our kids are gone.. they will not remember us as ‘big’ or ‘5lbs over’ or ‘sleep deprived’, or ‘our favorite size 8 pants didnt fit’ NO they will remember us for getting in the picture with them…

922996_10150419999264956_207613839645797750_nHere is a challenge for you to ‘GET in the picture’ and let the camera show the LOVE you have for and with your family! Let it capture the true meaning of motherhood. And one day you will look back and say ‘I am so glad i did that’!!

Love to all you momma’s out there!!
Post your pictures of you and your little ones!!

(Pictures were used  to put on social media- low resolution)

Pictures taken by: Everything Lovely Photography

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