Eleven more…..

6.5 years old

6.5 years old

Its been coming for a few days.. since i first noticed it… I am proud, honored, and blown away


Just like that my 6lb son, the one who made me a mommy for the first time.. is growing in to a little man…

“Mrs. Sarah you dont have to do this alone..” to my friend who was carrying an infant carrier and holding her 18months old hand down the stairs.

“Mom, ill help sister put her shoes on.”

“My pants are too short’.


He is holding doors, being nice to his siblings, wanting to honor me (in ways he has saw his daddy do)

Thanking me for cooking dinner.. and the list goes on.

WHEN did this happen, was I not looking, was I too busy, will i miss the little him, as much as i am enjoying the BIG him???

Will the next 6.5 years fly by as fast as these first 6 have? Will I be able to enjoy the day to day things more now that i realize ..

we only have

Eleven more christmas @home, Eleven more family vacations, Eleven more first days of school, Eleven more birthdays 

UNTIL he becomes an Adult…………and goes to college..

As he crawled into bed with me this morning (at excatly 7:31) I held him a bit  tighter and told him i loved him SOO much!

Cause we only have 11 more,

Mommy loves you Levi, and I am so proud of you!

6.5 years old

6.5 years old

~your mommy!


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