DIY birthday gift…

We were invited to a double birthday for two sweet sisters (5 & 3) … since we wanted to get them something separate but budget always get in the way.. we went with a DIY gift.. that we hope both mommy & Daughters will enjoy! Girls always enjoy crafts.. but who needs another coloring book?? This gift is more creative with a bit more work on my part but something that will keep them busy for hours (days if mom is lucky!!


First i went to walmart and got 3 matching pencil pouches ($0.97 each) & the supplies… I knew i wanted each girl to have thier own color due to ‘she has my bag ect’ 🙂

The first bag I created was a – Write a book – Bag.. This encourages them to become their own author..(I meant to get stickers but TOTALLY forgot:(

Write a book bag

Write a book bag

Included in this pouch was a ‘fancy pen’ and 2 note pads ($0.75 for pen, $0.10 for a pack of 4 notebooks).. and if you are better than me.. stickers (around $2.00). And then I included the directions for the activity..

~Write a Book~

In this bag you will find a notebook {or 2} and a fun pen! Use this bag to write your own story.. Become an author!! 

For the 2nd bag I created Fashion designer bag.


I found a templet online (thank you pinterest) for dress up dolls.. I printed them on cardstock and placed them in the bag with scissor and glue. (templet- free, glue stick $0.50, Scissors $1.00). This one also has fabric.. I pulled some from my stash to make it cost effient..


Then added these directions..

~Paper Doll Dress Up~

This bag includes all you will need to design clothes for the dolls and animals in this bag. Cut the fabric and then glue it on..

and you will have some really cute friends!!!

And the last bag was Silly Faces. 


 I picked 4 pictures of the girls with Their family and printed them (thank you facebook) and then Laminated them. This will allow them to drawl faces on the pictures and then wipe them to do it again… (Pictures- free, Lamination- free (we have a small personal one), dry erase markers- set of 4 $3.50. 

The directions included in this bag was..

~Silly faces~

Dry erase markers and laminated pictures are in this bag. You can draw silly faces on each picture..then wipe off and start again!!


Add cute ribbon and tag.. all done

Add cute ribbon and tag.. all done

Total cost for each gift was $8.10 (i split the dry erase markers between the girls).. Super cute and I think they will love it!!

What DYI gift have you done recently??




**feel free to copy and paste directions for personal use only:)

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