As I pulled out of CFA today after a full-fun-filled couple hours.. I thought over the day with a small smile. It was there that i realized many things…one was how blessed i am…

I have lived in GA for almost 9 years now..(3 months after i got married my groom whisked me away from ORLANDO..(can i say it big enough?!?!:(  ) and we landed here.. knowing only each other and his parents. ME being a little (ok maybe a bit more than a little) social, I craved female interaction. How do you just go out and FIND a friend.. I had many friends actually BUT they all lived in ORLANDO.. the friends there had known me since either toddler-hood or elementary.. so being friends came easy.. BUT now it was hard, how was i to FIND a friend…

As I looked back on my day i realized.. GOD blessed me with many friends, found in the most unusual ways… birthing class (with our first’s), teaching a coupon class, waiting outside the library (FOR 20 minutes), small group, blog world, church, neighbor, and friends of a friend. I have friends who will do anything for me.. keep ALL 3 kids for me, run to the store for me, listen to me vent, laugh or cry, and live life together. As I look over these past 9 years I am so grateful for the friends WHOM to me are family. They cover my kids with prayer, correct when needed (which can be a ton) and just plan BE there. They don’t judge when I have a bad day (lets face it they will to and the roles will be reverse), or when we announce ‘we are having another baby’ (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT).

Today I sat across a friend who was having a hard day, and although my other friends had just met this lady they reached out and embraced her in conversations and love. As i saw this unfold I realized HOW bless i am.. to have friends, real friends.. sister like friends!

love you each!!!

SOO blessed!

SOO blessed!

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