Brother’s Christmas Wish!

Brother meeting Lego Man

Brother meeting Lego Man

Once upon a time, in a land far away,
Lived a young strapping lad, who really loved to play.
He liked his fast cars and his costumes that changed
him into anything that he could imagine that day.
One day he received a box full of bricks
that could stack and lock and sealed with a click,
He started by making all things that could go,
But soon he made castles with these bricks from LEGO.
Now, LEGOs are not easy, they are no small task
Just ask his dear mother, who dreads him to ask,
But this young Lad could build, with the greatest of ease
even while sick or with a case of the sneeze.
He dreamed of a land so distant and remote
that was filled with these bricks, just the thought made him float,
One day his wish granted, he received LEGO land Tickets
he was so overjoyed that he’d go there for Christmas.
The day had arrived that he dreamed of so clear
through the gate he went in, while his family stood near
Riding rides, Shooting lasers, Building towers so many
He built race cars and won all the races he raced in.
He saved a princess & dragon eggs, and watched 4D movies,
while wearing cool shades that made him look groovy.
He could not believe that the day was all over,
he played LEGOs all day and could play them some more,
But home he went with a smile on his face
having felt so lucky to have visited this place
Now on lives the legend of this famed LEGO kid,
who played LEGOs for hours and did what he did
all those who know him, know he’s a smart guy
with such talent and skill, they call him LEVI.
Love Dad
The amazing day captured in pictures!

The amazing day captured in pictures!

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