Preschool Ideas: Phonics

What phonics/spelling looks like for us!

What phonics/spelling looks like for us!

Well as most who follow my blog know I homeschool a 6yr old 3yr old and  22 month old (yeah i know you don’t actually homeschool the little one but you do have to have things ready for them to be busy with:)

SOO I thought i would show some ideas of how I run school for my little ‘Taco Man’ (He is currently 3.5


I was given this HUGE bag of letters (it has multiply of each letter which makes most activities run a lot smoother). WE use these weekly!! I love them! Anyways With my oldest we have spelling & phonics so I had to figure out a way to mix it up for my k-3 year old… SO we went and got a binder (everything is better with a binder) and that is his ‘spelling folder’!!!


Its really simple activities like for instance I drew two circles with BIG D and Little d.. (no our set only has big letters but with this letter p looks like a little d upside down:) And he had to place the letters in the right circle.. SUPER SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!! But something he LOVED! ALL while allowing brother to get some spelling done!!

Another Idea we use is cover the letter with a certain shape.. We were studying E so we did Big E and little e.. and either use circle or stars .. This helps with shapes also!!!


I got the shapes at the $ spot at Target and just hand wrote the letters on! He really likes this activity but i have to make sure to mix it up!:) If I do it too much he gets bored!! HAHA!! 3 year olds!!

Then there is the traditional Magnets and cookie tray:


I found a list picture online with the ABC’s on it and just printed it:) Nothing too fancy! And its not a fave:( BUMMER!!!!!!!!

We were given the game scrabble jr as a gift and as much as we played I thought it would be good to use those cute little tiles! (i also found them on the Oriental Trading  site:)


Again we are just trying to take up time so brother can work:) SOO why not learn your name!! This is him matching the letters of his name with a tile.. HE loves this project!! And to me its SOO easy!!

Somes in Science/Social Studies we are learning about a certain topic and Ill have him draw a picture of that… still learning and working on the idea that words have a picture!!


This picture just so happens to be a grandparent! Cant you see it?!?!:)

Well thats all I have for now… Maybe Ill get a few pictures uploaded and have more ideas!! IF you have any please share!!!!!!!!


sept 2013

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