Dresser Re-do

Since we are expecting our 4th bundle of joy and we live in a 3 bedroom home. I knew right away storage would be something I would have to invest in.. I wanted to add a dresser to “Baby’s” room and get rid fo the changing table… When a friend of mine saw this dresser at Goodwill for $30 WE knew we had to get it.. DSC04611

It was the WRONG color, had a broken drawer and a hole threw the back.. BUT It was 30$ and cute:)

Here is Me painting the 1 thousandth coat on this sucker...

Here is Me painting the 1 thousandth coat on this sucker…I am 19 weeks here and soo big!!

But since once again our budget is limited we had to work with it.. White is what is in Baby’s room so I had no choice (ok maybe I did but didn’t really want to have a choice.. i MEAN it had to look CUTE:)

Well sister likes it!

Well sister likes it!

I wanted to get super cute handles but then after the paint and the dresser which =’ed $45 i knew our budget for this project was about done.. SO we got a can of yellow spray paint from Home Depot and went to town on the old ones that came with the dresser.. I think it looks good.. YOU?!?!

SO glad I didn’t buy brand new that would have cost a ton!!



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