Water Fun..INSIDE

I had this CRAZY idea the other day (WHILE IT WAS RAINING OUTSIDE) and my 3 kids were about to go stir crazy (we dont do tv or video games unless its a family night) .. SOO i got out the water and this is what happened!

So we pulled up to chairs and got out the busy bag ‘clothes line’.. this allowed the boys to wash, rinse and then dry the mini fake clothes.

Surprising i didn’t have water everywhere AND they played for about 25 mins.. success in my mind! After they were done they had to ….


Hang the clothes up to dry.. (i set this up for them, but then they worked together to hang them up!




Now they have played this many times but it has been a while since i pulled it out, so for them it was a huge treat! TO my surprise they wanted to keep going with the water, expect sister wanted join in on the fun (and it was dinner time so I was ok with that!)




I gave her two cups and she went to town. I was able to start & finish dinner and she STILL wanted to play more!

(I have her on the towel so she will not slip if the water spilt -which water did and it was soaked up in the towel. 

**Please know my kids begin sitting on the counter at about 1 year (in the sink) then we transition to the counter.. they know and have been doing this a long time!

Well Taco wanted to do JUST want Sister did..



I did give him more (a medicine dropper, two cups a bowl of water and a teaspoon and tablespoon …

Another 20 mins..WOW i am loving this! (can you tell!)

AND would you be shocked if I told you my 6 year wanted to ‘try’…?!?! i was a little but then was happy to set him up!





So after a GREAT water afternoon (AND NO MESS) i wanted to share … sometimes the simplest things are the most fun for kids! It doesn’t have to be $$ or crazy.. it can be cups of water!!



** Clothes line busy bag project : http://moneysavingmom.com/2011/05/free-cothesline-busy-bag-instructions-and-pattern-download.html



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