NOPE .. we are still alive!:)

Hey again Friends!!!!

SOO SORRY it has been 5 + weeks since I have written or even touched this blog.. no excuse ..really (sad face:( BUT its all for good reason I promise!

We are THRILLED to announce


SOO its been busy and crazy here! We {created &) mailed this cute little announcement out the 2nd week in May to our family and friends.. (photo was taken by a dear SWEET friend!)

And unlike our other 3 blessings… I have been getting sick -although it hits about 4:30 everyday -POOR timing.. dinner time-:( If Superman calls and I haven’t started dinner he so willingly offers to pick up dinner (YES I AM SPOILED) .. Its hard to have a great day and almost to the minute {of 4:30} I get weak and nausea… Sprite and I are dear friends!

Well thats the main reason for the lack of posts..-naps are happening at naptime and early to bed at night-

But we are due Dec 21.. So we will have a Christmas Baby!!

SOO excited!
What have you all be doing these past few weeks?!?!

~Jessica & Baby -wink wink-

2 thoughts on “NOPE .. we are still alive!:)

  1. Congratulations! So happy for you! Hang in there; your nausea will be over before you know it and you’ll have a beautiful in your arms! Praying for you!

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