our Pk & Kindergarten favorite chapter books

As I entered this adventure of read-a-louds with my children I  first had to figure out what it was and what it meant.. I read everywhere that is was crucial to my kids education (early education) but I didn’t know how I was gonna fit ‘MORE’ into our already packed day! Right now I have 3 children of my own and I keep 2 girls 4 days a week.. Ages 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. SOO my days are really busy.. HOW was I going to add reading aloud to them?

I goggled how mothers of large families did it and some suggested reading while the kids played … seems weird to me.. others suggested reading aloud while children were having lunch or at a meal time… I really wanted to institute this but didn’t know how or when..

FINALLY I realized after our day (of school) I always give a light snack so why not end school with us all cuddled up on the couch eating pretzels while reading a chapter book?? In theory it seemed to be great … it took practice!! NOW I am honored to say everyone of the children will sit and snack while cuddled on the couch listening to the story! We read one chapter a day..(unless they beg enough to read another!)

Some books we have loved…OUR all time favorite is

1)Mercy Watson series http://www.mercywatson.com/



*all our kids loved this boys, girls, big and little! I think this would be great for a starter book if you want to introduce chapters without scaring or boring the kids!

2.) Little House on the Prairie  http://www.littlehousebooks.com/


We started with Farmer boy.. AMAZING! But now we are finishing our 4th book!

3.) Swiss Family Robinson (the classic)



There are more but those were and have been our favorite so far.. I normally have a family night when we finish the book to watch the movie.. Its amazing how much the children remember because they will compare the two .. ITS amazing!


Hope this was helpful:)

What is/are you families favorite read-a-louds??


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