Time for Time

Our oldest is in Kindergarten and with our math curriculum (WHICH we love!!!!!!!!) and We have been studying time for a few weeks now.. Although our Big Kindergartener has caught on -to the point of correcting us if we round up- I saw on Pinterest where someone took a whiteboard and taped a hool-a-hoop to it and then drew in the clock.. SO I thought.. HEY why not!!

I dont have a huge board or a Hool-a-Hoop BUT I do have the Ikea chalk/white board (that we took apart cause I HATE me some chalk board!) and a green training soccer thing ..(Yeah I don’t know what it was but I knew it would work!)  Just to spice things up we started with this activity (after calendar time and bible)

about to start the game!

about to start the game!

The Cards we used are from the $1.00 Spot at target a year ago.. (In Aug they normally have tons -TONS-  of great flash cards… my kids love them!)

ANYWAYS! I made up my own came.. For the kindergartener I would show him a card have him draw it on the clock and tell me what time it was.. I was surprised how much he loved it (after quiet time he asked to play it again.. so we did!)  We did a little round where I was the teacher and then he was the teacher.. it was great and a ton of learning and knowledge was reinforced.

I still had my 3 year old to entertain during this time.. (AND we all know we cant leave him out!) SO I gave him a dry ease marker also and would have him circle the numbers he knew.. 1-5 and as a challenge #6. He loved being able to write on the board and getting it right. *It was funny because I said circle # 1… and he said “look mom there are lots of #1’s.. I want the one with 2 ones!!” Technically he was right so i didn’t correct him!:)

I love bring new ways for learning.. have you done any new games with math or time?? Would love to hear them!

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