Monkey see Monkey do…

With 3 little ones I really wanted to make sure each child got the most out of our “school” time.. so in an effort to make my little 3 year old feel included and that school was important (cause REALLY he begs to do school) I had to come up with age appropriate activities that seemed like brothers..

As I was preparing this school year I put together calendar time folders.. (with a place for tracing their name, the month, the day ect..) I also included “_______of the day” such as color, state, sign, shape ect. At first Taco didn’t really do much other than take the try ease marker and scribble ALL over the pages.. but as time went on he began participating and wanting to answer the questions.. All on his own.. no pushing from me. Well yesterday I was waiting for them to finish tracing their name (or address for Brother) I took a closer look at Taco’s page.. He was soo serious and working soo hard to insure his marker stayed in/on the lines given…

Taco tracing his name soo intently

Taco tracing his name soo intently

As I sat there watching him write I was amazed.. just by following the example of his brother this JUST turned 3 little boy was writing his name.. We also just made up a song so he can spell it.. SOOO he knows how to spell his name now! Lets just say moments like these cause me to do the happy dance inside!!!

Children are sponges and they soak up whatever you are willing to give them.. in this case he has learned his name and how to trace it because he has seen it and was given the chance.. (PLEASE note this is a huge accomplishment our older son didn’t spell or write his name until he was almost 4-4.5.

Love watching their little minds open up!!


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