Old to New

I love Window Panes OLD ONE!!!!!!! I was hosting a Baby shower for a friend of mine this weekend and I just knew I wanted the Main decor to be something she could use in her home after the festivities were over.. SO I thought about a window with 3 clips to display her 3 little girls and a cute quote..  We have a local junk yard that ALWAYS has the coolest windows! (EXCEPT) when I need one!:/ OOH well a dear friend saved the day and had one stored away for ‘just a time as this’.



This is the raw window…old and yucky! After taking all the cobwebs and dusting it off.. I sanded it and began taping and prepping it for painting!


I LOVE spray paint.. SO armed with white spray paint and a very cloudy day (;( I did about 3 coats… Then 24 hours to dry. While it was drying I cut my vinyl to fit the window pane and get it ready to apply…


If you love the quote you can order it in my shop… Delight Designs  (the one shown above is a custom made one with the names instead of ‘two people’. After I took pictures of the Mom to be (again) little girls I hot glued 3 clips equally apart to attach the photo’s.

april 2013

What have you made with an old window pane????



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