Free Saturdays at Home Depot!

ON the first weekend of every month Home Depot does this free Kids workshop. I have known about this (and went when our oldest was 2.5) but never made the effort since.. (why?? I don’t know?!?!) But on another site I follow they mentioned that for April the craft was bird feeders.. MY KIDS LOVE looking at our big window at every meal and watching the birds and squirrels.. SOO I thought.. this would be the perfect activity to go check out again! It starts at 10:00 and because we are (well all expect Mr Superman) all early risers we got there at like 10:05… I WAS sooo surprised! They not only had the wooden activity (bird feeder) but also in almost every department you could go and make something…

First up the wooden feeders:

2013-04-06_09.47.04 They give all the supplies to make the activity and to paint it (BUT we thought two wet bird feeders would be a bear to carry home – and I didn’t want to get any on me!!:) **Notice the cute orange aprons .. each child received one along with a pin that says they completed the workshop.. SUPER CUTE! When we were done I was getting everyone ready to leave with the lady said you know there are tons more things to do.. soo off we went to the plant section of Home Depot..


Each child was given two plants (with seeds, soil and a pot) they were briefly taught about the seed given and how to care for it) I think my boys enjoyed this the best because they were able to play with dirt!!  2 weeks later and 3 our of 4 of our plants have sprouted and the boys daily check and take care of them! It really is super neat!

One of our seeds were pumpkin plants and the other set is a simple flower.. something for now and something for later! We will have to replant the pumpkin one.. but I think that is really neat and fun for the kids!

So loaded with our goodies we headed out.. only to see that they could make a key chain..

Currently the boy are fascinated with keys and locks so this was so much fun for them.. plus they got a mini sharpie marker!


 As were we leaving we realized we missed two stations .. one in the wood department where they were making mini people out of rulers (with hair and eyes and all). And over in the tile section they were using stencils on square tiles to create shapes. Our youngest was done by this point and hunger had set in, but if we could have we could have done so much more .. for FREE!!

As we were paying for our bird seed the casher set the boys up with a game of checkers…

2013-04-06_10.18.41I would say this free day full of activities for my kids was a huge hit. Everyone enjoyed it! We came home to paint and hang our bird feeders and daily watch all the different kinds eat and fly around.. Teaching our children that sometime the most fun things are simple!


SOO maybe if you are free next month on the first saturday it might be worth a shot to head up there!!

Let me know what you make and your experience!



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