2nd time shopping -5 and less

SOO today I went shopping for the 2nd time .. trying to follow the 5 ingredients or under rule.. Although with the research I have  done I kinda know what I can and cant buy .. But was sadden as I stood there and twice i had to rethink a meal due to one of the main ingredients was loaded with unpronounceable stuff… Also after I darken two stores (with 3 kids in tow) I wasn’t able to find any organic chicken.. so I looked for all natural tyson (NOT MY FAVE but will do in a bind) neither store had either.. had to do frozen chicken..–kinda grossed out!:(

Soo here is my 5 and below picture!!


Soo excited to see Publix had a deal on Deli meat.. 1/2 lb of turkey, 1/2 lb of ham & 1/2 lb of cheese ALL Boars head for $9.99.. YEP I was happy cause that makes the cheese free! I was told by my sweet friend Shana that your food should be 3/4 fruit and veggies.. i think we are getting close!:) (Organic: green-beans, broccoli, carrots, spinach, lettuce, eggs, apples, potatoes)

(non organic to be found: tomato’s, cheese, frozen fruit for smoothies)

Its crazy that one item can be loaded with the “stuff” and the next item (SAME PRODUCT) but only have a few things and a few cents more… having to read labels has become a new way for us.. I sent Superman to the store to pick up milk and cereal.. I later called and asked “are you home yet” “nope I was reading labels.. there is nothing with 5 or less .. its crazy!”  I love how he is on board.. NOW don’t get me wrong he still wants his chocolate and sweets but in moderation! (I saw him eat a banana late last night..over a chocolate candy!!! WOW!)

So here is what i got that had more than 5


Graham crackers: i really have been craving cheesecake:(

Curtons: only have 7

Creamcheese: cheesecake!! (8)

Jimmy dean: 8 (i think?!?!)

Now to make a loaf of bread and I think we are set for the week!

SOO I am getting better but I doubt there will be a shopping trip that will not include at least 1 item with over 5.. but we are striving!!

TOTALS: publix:$38.00, Walmart: $50.00  = $88.00 for 10 days of meals

(BUT i do have to get a whole chicken!)

Has anyone else tried it?!?



2 thoughts on “2nd time shopping -5 and less

  1. Wow. How does cream cheese have 8 different ingredients?!?! Insane! You are doing awesome! Its so sad that we have to work so hard to find food that is good for us. We have started eating Paleo and its so awesome to be eating only pure, whole food. When I go grocery shopping now I only go to two places….the veggies and the meats. I don’t even go into the “center sections” of the store. It has cut my shopping time in half!

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