Yearly Goals -April

April goals:


  • pay our fine at the library and check out a new mommy book
  • Run 5 days a week 3 miles
  • do quiet time everyday!
  • learn a verse about being patience..virtue i need to improve on!

Mothering/ Parenting/school:

  • finish school room
  • Finish reading Little House on the Prairie (two chapters left!) & rent movie
  • gather all the supplies I-L


  • write or find a spring cleaning list-
  • info about pressure washing
  • plan & organize friends baby shower
  • cooking at home 6 nights  a week (really try not to eat out.. AT ALL this week)
  • begin saving for insurance again
  • get oil leak in van fixed


  • Birthday pages for the boys
  • order photo’s for ‘babys & boys books’
  • do 2 pages on Baby’s 1st year book (URG!:(


  • go on one Date this month!!!!  
  • send a sweet treat to superman in the mail…

What are your goals this month??


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