Sorry for the blurry pic.1 whole greewise chicken
1lb boars head lunch meat
8 breast of chicken
1 lean beef
1 all natural ground turkey

Sorry for the blurry pic.
1 whole greewise chicken
1lb boars head lunch meat
8 breast of chicken
1 lean beef
1 all natural ground turkey

Last week i posted this picture and was asked a LOT of questions! SOo i hope to answer them in this post!:)
first thing i do is portion out the meat…(the beef & chicken will be divided in half..) Then i prepared the whole chicken to be cooked in the crockpot like this   that will give me 4 meals (of one cup of shredded chicken per meal)

the lunch meat will last about a week (5 kids and me) and the 8 breasts will last 2 meals…. (this is a very $$ meal for us but Easter is here so we splurged:)

We dont do MEAT.. we think of it more as a side.. to go along with the meal.. a few years ago we went on a 21 day Daniel fast and we didn’t have meat.. this was hard.. but we soon realized that meat was consuming us.. we were able to leave out meat in some of our favorite meals and not even notice.. SOO when we introduced meat again it only made sense to make it small.. 4 years later and we are still making meat an ingredient but not the MAIN one!:)

If you have stir fry for example.. why not throw more veggies in and use only 1 cup of shredded chicken or even one breast… Or if you are making BBQ chicken sandwiches try doing it in the crockpot (thus making it shredded)and use only 2 breast (i use one and a half).. the key isnt how much meat you use but what else you cook for dinner… if you are having grilled chicken every night (for use that is at least a breast per person) then YES it will be costly.. try having a side dish become your main dish or even JUST lowering your amount in meals…

worth a shot right?? NOW i know a few of you have teens… (BOYS) why not pump them with with a salad, veggies and THEN dinner?? we do that now wiht our boys.. (yes they are small but we are trying to teach them to eat healthy) we serve load salad with fruit.. YES meat is in the salad but they will eat 2 bowls of salad, fruit and then water to drink.. -and i only use 1 cup of chicken for my entire family.. GREAT savings..

Does that make sense??

What about a total meatless meal night?? we used to do this more .. but really its not hard and with pinterest and the internet the options are SOO HUGE!:)

SO anyone willing to do a ‘lower meat week???’


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