When routine goes out the window!

So yesterday morning didnt go like i had Planned.. and well you all know i am a PLANNER!!!!!!!! I love my schules and how smoothly things run.. awww! BUT yesterday i had planned on waking up at 5:30 and heading out to do MUCH needed (been 2 weeks needed) food shopping! Had my list and coupons ready to go… Superman arrived home and parked in the middle of the drive way.. (NEVER HAPPENS) and it was super late when he got home so i thought ill let him sleep -Its a company box truck .. i was not moving it- 6:30 rolls around and i had to go.. an hour later i arrive home, to have secs before the girls i keep arrive.. food everywhere, kids running around, husband kissing me bye, a baby crying in her bed.. and There i stood….. OVERWHELMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I normally do school everyday around 8:15 but today it was like 9:00 before anything was 1/2 way normal.. SO i said there is no way i can corral all the kids (5 of them) to come into the school room and fouce.. SURE i could have forced it but come on lets be real that would have been a nightmare for ME!!

SO with clip boards, plain white paper and markers.. (jackets, shoes, potty, stroller, socks, later) we were outside..

Objective: find something beautiful God created……

"drawing a purple flower.. they arrange themselves"

“drawing a purple flower.. they arrange themselves”

From 5.5 to 2 years old all the kids LOVED it.. as we went along i added more things.. ie. something alive, a flower, a bush, and a rock. It was really neat to see what they each thought was ‘beautiful’.

here is each child with their finish work…

2013-03-20_10.15.34 2013-03-20_10.16.26

2013-03-20_10.15.18 2013-03-20_10.16.01

Cant you see it?!? But after these amazing artists were able to express themselves we headed inside to (take off jackets, shoes, ect) and were able to do a little school.. AND IT WAS SOO MUCH FUN!

SOO note to self.. routines are AMAZING! but sometimes a change up is great for both you and and the kids!:)

SOO any change of routines for you?!?!?


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