5 ingredients or less….URG!

IN the effort to eat better and cleaner with my family i have decided to TRY only purchasing items that have 5 ingredients or less… SOO up and at the store by 6:00 yesterday morning (KID FREE mind you!:) I wondered the ailes looking for items on my list all the while checking and counting how many ingredients were in each item… LUCKY for us we tipically eat really well and dont buy tons of junk food.. we never buy candy, sodas or juices (expect whole OJ). BUT even with all that we are still in need of an upgrade!:)

Hope superman is on board!:)

Here is what i got that was in the rules.. WELL the one rule..

obeying the 5 rule

obeying the 5 rule

We already bought organic prior to this switch so that wasn’t a big hit .. Total cost $90.00 ( i had 4 coupons but FORGOT to use them)

Here is what i purchased NOT within the rule

FAIL!  :)


Total cost $10.00 ( yes i know i could make my own tortillas and taco seasoning but not today.. i will one day… baby steps people:)

But as i was shopping for bread i COULD not find one that had less than A BILLION things in it..(i make bread at home so i know you dont need gum paste..) SO i decided right there in the bread aisle to come home and make our own sandwiches bread..from then on..(MMMM lets see if this sticks).. 3 hours later the house smelled yummy and we had this for lunch.. GOOD clean homemade whole wheat bread!

only 6 ingredients... AND I know and can say all 6!

only 6 ingredients… AND I know and can say all 6!

Then i headed to Publix where i get all our meat.. Still trying to figure out if Boars head is good or not.. but today i just bought it.. next time i will know;? This will last us more than a month!

Sorry for the blurry pic. 1 whole greewise chicken 1lb boars head lunch meat 8 breast of chicken 1 lean beef 1 all natural ground turkey

Sorry for the blurry pic.
1 whole greewise chicken
1lb boars head lunch meat
8 breast of chicken
1 lean beef
1 all natural ground turkey

So for food this week and 6 dinners, 6 lunches & 7 breakfasts for 5+ people i spent $$138.00 BUT please know the meat will last a LOT longer more like a month!

Well lets see how this new adventure goes.. i plan on making granola bars also .. my goal is to buy things with less than 5. But when baking something or making it it can have more.. (i buy organic mostly anyways!:) SOO who wants to join me?!?!


8 thoughts on “5 ingredients or less….URG!

  1. Do you use a bread maker? And why publix for meat and not Kroger? Publix says natural but not always organic. I find more selection at Kroger and they send me coupons.

  2. How do you go a whole month on that amount of meat with five of you? Do you eat meatless a lot? Just curious cuz that would a weeks worth in my house with my bottomless pit children!!!!

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