Menu Plan for March 17th-24th

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Well once again we are at the beginning of the week! SoOO we are going on 1 month without an oven..(we have a stove but no oven) BUT this week the part WILL be ordered!:) thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Grilled CHicken & veggies w/potato’s and
  • Taco soup- crockpot
  • Loaded grilled chicken Salad w/homemade bread & yogurt
  • Meatloaf (in crockpot ) w/mashed potato’s & applesauce
  • nacho’s
  • egg salad and tuna salad subs w/fruit
  • cookout – we provide meat neighbors provide sides


  • Granola bars (homemade)
  • pretzel balls -high hopes my oven piece will arrive before weekend!
  • celery w/peanut butter (trying to remember to include this more)


since we are really boring when it comes to this meal we always have the same

  • oatmeal w/oj
  • cereal w/oj
  • Freezer waffles (made this over the weekend and froze them.. easy and quick nice breakfast)

Soo that is our plan this week.. what is your meal plan???


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan for March 17th-24th

  1. Hope you get your oven fixed soon! I love my crockpot and it sounds like you do too! I am making a bbq chicken crockpot recipe one night this week. 🙂

  2. Thank God for your crockpot! I hope your oven part comes soon! I am so jealous of the fact that your kids will actually eat all of the items in your menu plan. V is so picky and wont eat ANYTHING. This past weekend we were at a bday party and they had PB&J and Pizza. She wont eat either…..then she got her mind set on eating cake…which she has NEVER eaten…so we ended up bribing her with cake to eat the PB&J. In the end she ate both!!!! Two new foods she has never eaten! Not excited at all about the cake since we dont feed her processed foods….but very excited about the PB&J! Any good homemade bread recipes you wanna share?

    • I would not have survived this long MONTH ..;/ without my crockpot! Yea my kids eat pretty much whatever i put on the table.. and if they dont eat they dont get dessert (which we have had very little of due to no oven) but if they go hungry they will not do it again!:) THAT is amazing V has never had processed food.. sadly my kids have.. but i am working hard to accomplish the 5 ingredient rule.. sometimes i succeed sometimes i strive to succeeded!:) but we are very strict with out intake so thats good..i guess:) yes go to my recipe tab and there is a bread i recently made and ooh my gosh soo yummy.. BUT if you dont have a bread maker i will post my rolls this week:)

  3. I wouldn’t say she has never eaten processed…..she does eat some stuff since its not avoidable. But store bought cake full of all that crap is my worst nightmare! lol. Every sweet she has had I’ve made from scratch. But it was one time and wont killer:) I dont have a bread maker….I barely ever eat bread and neither does hubby….so no point in getting one. But if she does start eating PB&J I would like to make the bread for her.
    p.s. did you take the measurements? Text them to me when you get a chance:)

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