The House of Cloth!

Cloth Baby

A friend of mine was pregnant with her 2nd baby and decided to Cloth diaper.. and had a Cloth Shower.. I wasn’t able to go (i gave birth to our 2nd blessing the same day as the shower) BUT i had looked at her registry and saw all the FLUFF! I winced and purchased my first cloth..(i have no idea what brand or kind or anything.. i hope she liked it!:)

I was a Nay-Sayer.. YEP! i said “who would do that”, “that is gross”, “who has time”, “I can get throw aways for super cheap”. Yep I was not sold on it.. And kind of weird-ed out… (it mean its POOP on fabric!!!)


a little personal touch!

So my for the first 3 months of my little #2 i didn’t think again about cloth (i went back to work at 7 weeks and had a 3 year old.. kinda busy!) But when summer came (i worked at a school) I had naptime to explore .. so i started the research on Cloth Diapering .. and realized my Friend was not so far fetch.. MANY people in 2010 CLOTH DIAPERED!

WHO KNEW!!!???!!???!!

So i thought..mmm there had to be something in this .. on went the search until one day it hit me.. I am gonna do it.. (no real aphany just that i was gonna give it a try!:) I preposed the idea to Superman.. Yeah not so thrilled.. actually grossed out (well really he stated all the statements i had made earlier!:) haha! But he had agreed to let me do a trial -HAPPY DANCE-

I found this site Jillian Drawers that allow you to try all the top brand cloth diapers for $10.00 (well you purchase them try them and return all the ones you dont like).. SOO i assumed i would hate cloth diapering and paid the $$ and waited for the box to arrive…

You would have thought it was Christmas.. when that box arrived! I took a picture and sent it to my Friend and looked and felt each one for about 15 mins.. OH yes i did! I could not wait to get them washed..


After my trail period i did decide i LOVE them… and went on a hut to find the best deal .. I set a budget of $250 dollars for diapers.. (wither or not i got all i needed that was all i allowed myself to buy)

We went with the One size Fuzzybuns (in many different colors) We were very blessed that as i began looking Fuzzybuns were introducing a ‘new line’ -i never really noticed a change expect in color- BUT either way it was an advantage for me.. i was able to get 17 diapers and double insert for $200..(17 will last me 3 days) Then over the course of months i was able to get a diaper pail liner, and two wet bags. (now i have 24 diapers.. most gifts and i did buy one more when i found out #3 was a girl- PINK!:)

click on picture to go to link for purchase of decal

Our Family now has successfully clothed two babies.. It has been fun.. stinky.. but i did not mind it..:) DO you cloth diaper? would you ever cloth diaper? Lets talk about it!



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