Early to Rise Challenge!


I am a faithful follow (for 5 years now) of Moneysavingmom.com .. over the years she has written things and taught me so much about saving money, parenting, loving others, being debt free, homeschooling, and goal setting (really there is more but I’ll stop with those:). And this month, March,  she is hosting a challenge and i want to join.. it is super simple.. pick a ‘early’ time to rise each morning and then .. do it:)

Although I have been getting up at 5:30 (off and on) since the beginning of the year I only do it the days my running buddy and i go running.. so if either of us cant run.. i sleep in.. SOO i am challenging myself to rise 5 days a week at 5:30 and -key- GET out of bed! normally i run but if that doesn’t happen.. to be productive in some way..

Are you in??? Link up if yes!

would love to hear why you picked an early time and what you will be doing!

2 thoughts on “Early to Rise Challenge!

  1. That is WAY to early for me! If you dont run….what will you do during that time? What time are you going to bed? I burn the candle at both ends non stop so I dont think I could do it.

    • Hey girl! My bedtime is 10:30 and i work really hard to be in bed at 10:30..(sometimes i dont make it BUT my attitude reflects the next day.. like REALLY BAD:( If i dont run -which i plan to!:) ill do my devotion, get my lessons in order for school, write posts, i have tons of stuff i can work on.. OR as i have been doing as of late.. going shopping for food at 6:00 in the am .. kid free!:) haha

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