Last month i Picked my master Closet.. and that took about 1/2 of one full day! BUT man it feels sooo good! This month.. (Feb) i tackled the pantry.. now you must know we were not blessed with a real pantry.. instead we must share our pantry with laundry room.. its makes for fun times..NOT:)

But this is our before:

DSC02928 DSC02930 DSC02931

Pretty Bad uh?!?! Well we saved up and purchased cash for a new storage unit.. DID i say yet that we actually have a pantry but the Builder put a water heater in it?!? well they did..(really?!?!?)

Anyways! We went to and order this nice LARGE sturdy cabinet and let me just say.. HEAVEN SENT!!!!!!!

2013-02-14_13.37.59 2013-02-14_13.38.34 2013-02-14_13.38.50

My Now pantry with laundry room is much more functioning.. and all my supplies that aren’t needed RIGHT now are stored in the new Cabinet.. aww.. its now more enjoyable to go shopping cause i know what i have and what i dont have..haha!

Were you able to do any monthly reorganizing??


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