Working on the letter D!!

“Taco” is in K3.. well i dont really know what that is, but i felt he was ready to start some more ‘fun’, purposeful learning… soo i began gathering things to introudce a letter a week.. We are using Confessions of a Homeschoolers LOW program and LOVE IT! But this week i felt we needed more .. (well actually i have begun trying to find things that will fill that 4:00 to 6:00 hour!!) HAHA!

SOO I googled and found these Fun D activities!
First up.. humpty DUMPTY – egg DROP! (see all those ‘d’s!:)

Then i found a UTUBE video of Humpty Dumpty and i let them watch it a few times.. Then i pulled out this really fun printable …(i got it over here… )

Then we began filling bags with different things to try… My Kindergartener wrote his own (soo this counts for writing right?!?!) I then had them guess if the egg would break or not…



THEN UP on a high chair they each got to drop a baggie with a BOILED egg in it.. it was really fun to see if it would crack or not! And lets not let the eggs go to we ate “humpty dumpty salad for lunch!” (egg salad!!)

Do you have any fun “D” activities???



2 thoughts on “Working on the letter D!!

  1. We’re doing letter of the week too and I also love confessions of a homeschooler! Feel free to check out my blog if you need some simple craft ideas. I love what you did for D week. Blessings!

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