Whole Chicken experience

YEP! I live in the era where you NEVER have to buy a whole chicken, clean it and cook it.. And i have successfully gone 29 years without doing so.. BUT as of late I have noticed my ‘meat’ bill seems to be soo high.. (i only buy greenwise chicken from Publix’s) soo in an effort to lower that cost i began seeking out advice! My dear Friend Shana!! Told me how she cooks a whole chicken in the crock pot.. DIDN’T seem that hard!!

SOO off to Publix for their Greenwise whole chicken.. ($6.93 later) i had me a GROSS, raw chicken.. (Superman doubted i would ever do anything with it…)

All i put in the crock pot was 8 ozs of chicken broth and the chicken.. ( i did season the top with salt and pepper) After 8 hours (or so:) the chicken just fell off the bone…

I was left with 3.5 cups of chicken..for me this was awesome.. I pkg them into one cup bags and then froze them.. will be awesome for taco’s or enchiladas or soups! Excited about making this part of our bi-weekly routine!!

SOO did you try anything new this week??


4 thoughts on “Whole Chicken experience

  1. I’m totally going to try this! I, too, avoid whole chickens (yuck!) but I do use my crockpot often and this seems totally doable! 🙂

  2. Okay, I did it! I have a whole chicken cooking in my crockpot right now! It wasn’t TOO bad, but I will say that it was pretty gross getting that package off. I will definitely do it again….I will just be sure to do it on a Saturday so that I can make Wayne do the gross part! 🙂

  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Soo proud of you Shannon!!!!!!! it will be soo good! another good tip is to do it the day before trash so that the bones dont sit in your trash can .. (OH and i have been doing it at night so that in the am i have chicken and it has time to cool.. (its gets really hot!:) Tell me how it goes! (and lucky.. mine would not even attempt to mess with it.. at least wayne is willing!:)

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