the BIG 3-0

~This past weekend it was my 30th birthday.. A few months back i had envisioned a nice quiet cruise with my Husband.. that didnt work out due to sitters.. then i thought OOH a nice overnight trip (one night mind you) and a trip to the Baltimore would be AMAZING!  Procrastination on Superman and my part.. SOO i thought MMM 30 is big.. lets just go out the two of us for a nice dinner and a date ..(my friend had offered to watch the kids for us for free..SCORE!)

SOO i was all excited about this quiet evening.. i mean i was turning 30 right?!?!

WELL as it would happen .. all 3 of my kids got sick and friday night Superman came down with something… that left healthy, birthday momma to take care of all involved…

I was kind of bummed at first.. then i realized.. WHY?!?! I have SOO much to be thankful for.. i am now 30 with a home, no debt, 3 amazing children, a God given Husband-whom i adore-, my dream job -full time mom- and the list really could go on.. As I thought about it I thought i have everything i want and or need right here (NOW dont get me wrong a nice date or cruise would have still be wonderful..) this was my life and i am completely satisfied with it!

Guess this is just FOOD for thought!:)

Since i didn’t take a picture on my birthday i did take one of the littlest member in our home who has stolen my heart….And makes all i do (or dont) worth it!

Sweet Baby on my 30th birthday

Sweet Baby on my 30th birthday


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