Clothes Overload

Soo this month i set out to organize my closet.. not such a big task right?? HA! Here is the  Before:

DSC02995 DSC03001

*cant be project without helpers…

SOO this is the lovely walkin closet my Superman and I share.. we have used this closet for almost 4 years and we have never cleaned it out.. IT WAS TIME!!!!!!!! So my side first.. i empty the my entire side… on to our bed.. then went through each piece and decided if it was a keeper or not.. (WOW i had a ton that didnt make the cut:) .. still had the dress i was wearing when Superman asked me to marry him.. and havent worn it since… didnt make the cut…

Meanwhile ….


*helping right:)

THEN the harder part was having Superman clean and go through his side…”uh why dont you do it since you know what i should keep” .. 🙂 he did it and realized it was a good thing!!

I was able to vaccume and then hang all that was left on the wooden hangers i got back in college.. it looks soo neat and everything that is in there fits!:) .. (well all expect that clear tote on the floor that is maternity clothes)


DSC03104 DSC03106

Trust me a HUGE difference…

Were you able to clean out a closet this month??


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