Meal shopping … Armed and Dangerous!

Soo Sunday afternoon while the boys played with daddy, “baby” and I headed out to do some ‘quick’ shopping.. (1.5 hours later….)

I had organized all my coupons and had a meal plan ready before the big event… My Budget is $50 a week, but i went over

(and i still have 2 more things to get ….)

This trip was interesting.. I really want to feed my family things that have ingredients in them i can pronounce.. so i have decided to go to 5 or less.. (PLEASE know that is my goal and i AIM to do that each week.. I was proud of myself for putting things back on the shelve .. BUT i did get the goldfish, Honey Bunches of Oats and Saltines which were not part of the 5 and below..)

first up..Kroger

Kroger Trip

Kroger Trip

Total before coupons: $22.86

Total after coupons: $7.72

(12 items)

Then to Pulbix

Publix trip

Publix trip

Total before coupons: $59.28

Total after: 30.34

(That is a lb of boars head turkey and 1/2 a lb of boars head cheese) SOo excited about the clearance organic beans! (impulse buy!)

I still need to get my Greenwise chicken that is one sale here

EEK NOW to Walmart



Before price matching: $40.00

after: $37.60


SOO the grand total is $121.84

PAID: $75.66

doing better… still have a long way to go!


5 thoughts on “Meal shopping … Armed and Dangerous!

  1. Jess you are awesome. Have you purchased the “Enjoy the City” books? I’m sure they have them in your area….they are everywhere. Anyways, the ones in FL have (4) $5 of coupons for $30 or more spent at WinnDixie in them. Our Publix takes Winn Dixie coupons…so I’m sure yours will too…..The books are ALWAYS on sale and a lot of the time I spend around $2.00 a book! Check it out. Let me know what you think.

  2. Ill send you a link to your email. The books are amazing and FULL of awesome coupons! I buy around 15-20 a year. lol. Living social and groupon has deals a lot of the time for them too. I buy the books….take out the winn dixie and chick fila coupons… a book or two for me and then give the rest away. No way I can use ALL of the coupons.

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