First Date with Mommy!

Month after Month our middle Son “taco” has seen Brother gear up for a date with mommy or daddy.. this month (he will be 3 next month) we decided he was ready for some good one on one time.. So we told him it was his turn.. PURE joy came across his face..priceless really! We told him it was his turn to go out with mommy.. As we talked about it he told me he wanted ‘hotdogs’ and ‘moothy’ (smoothies) and ‘’ (toyrus) .. Easy enough right?!?! Soo off began our Mommy/Son first ever date..

2013-01-11_18.19.28 2013-01-11_19.06.26

This was special for me because he is just really merging out of the baby into little boy and i often miss those adorable little moments.. because of life.. When we go on these dates it makes me STOP and focus on them and all God created..

*My Favorite part was watching him eat and how excited he was over being able to dip his french fries in both mustard and ketchup.. His naturally quiet self opened right up and talked the entire night! It was soo sweet! I learned more about him than i do in a month..

This date only costed me $3.50 for dinner (i didnt eat) $7.00 smoothies, =$10.50 TOTALLY worth every penny.. (and yes we walked around Toyrus and didn’t purchase anything.. my kids know we don’t buy toys just because, they are used to looking and not walking away with eveyrthing..)

I challenge you to date one of your children this month.. trust me you will not regret it!


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