Dating my Son…

Each month My husband and I goal for one date night.. kid-free.. we hire our amazing sitter and hit the town..(or target, publix you know boring but HEY we are together right:) As we made this a priority in our lives we noticed our oldest getting werid and upset.. (he was 3).. we decided that just like we want alone time with each other our kids crave that also.. SOO thus began the tradition of dating our kiddo’s.

We have done it many different ways but what works for us is each parent gets every other month with any and all children  3 & over. That child gets to pick and plan the date – although sometimes we have a surprise date also. But we like to encourage them to pick something they love and want to share with us..  And to see them grow.. A few months back I took “brother” out and as we were planning it he said lets go to “El Charro” .. why i asked.. “Cause mommy its your favorite place and i want to eat with you”.. HONORED!!!!!!!! (to say the least!) So we went and he was thrilled to see me loving every bite!

Last week my husband suggested i take the first month of the year this year.. SOO Brother and I made a plan and (very important) stuck with it. Logan’s to eat then the book store for hot chocolate and reading…


*My favorite part: as we were getting into the car he walked over and opened the door..”to honor you mommy” and as soon as it was openned he hopped right in..:) his heart was soo pure i loved it!

SOO much fun! I loved being able to focus on just him.. and let him know how much he means to me.. it makes me appreciate him THAT much more!


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